I am a historian. My first book, Ordinary Workers, Vichy and the Holocaust: French Railwaymen and the Second World War (CUP, 2016) challenged myths of cheminots’ involvement in both the Resistance and the Holocaust. It also showed the conservative underbelly of the cheminot community.

I am about to start my second research project, and this is really why I’m blogging. I’m still interested in Vichy France, in social history, and in the conservative (rather than revolutionary) vein that runs through French society. I’m tackling two different projects – Being Black Under Vichy and The Friendship Train. Two articles, two potential books, two pretty different methodological processes. This space will hopefully help me think about my archives and research trajectory in a more regular and different (bite-size) way.

I also have a baby and, aside from the fact that he is very cute, I’m interested in how research projects and motherhood intersect. So yes I’ll probably blog about that too. And maybe some musing on teaching, academia in general, and books and box sets I like. We’ll see.